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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Folding box with some quilled work

Hey guys this is not my  creation  I saw this on the blog of Dr Sonia ..i.just tried making box out of 3 cookie boxes to store my quilled miniatures.. 

hope you guys like this

Saturday, 16 March 2013

3d doggie

I made cute little doggy  not my creations saw on internet and tried..hope u like it..

Friday, 15 March 2013


Here comes another 3d quilling project of ANGRY BIRDS  on special request...HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT......


                                                    WARRIOR  PIGS                                                      

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Dream house

I thought of making a quilled dream house which turned good.I tried to make it look realistic so added  a tree with a bird on swing and 3 more birds with nests.Tree is made of some cardpaper glued with different coloured quilling leaves.Birds ,nests and eggs are made separately. The house is made out of some brown and almond coloured strips rolled in rectangular shape.I used some violet strips for its door and windows.Roof  is made of loose circles rolled out of black strips.Garden with some plants and flowers are added more more beauty.

Hope you guys like this....

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Quilled Princess

My dad brought  a keychain  having nice doll.Idea of making a quilled dress for her striked me and tried it.I  rolled some peach and red color strips into teardrop shape for her dress.Hope you guys like it. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

3d cranes

hello guys, I tried making cranes out of quilling Hope u all like this effort

3d quilled flying bird

quilled birdie

little quilled birdie

3d quilled frog


Quilled frame

I thought of doing something different and simple so made a easy paper frame .Frame sides are made of quilled shapes of loose coils and teardrops of yellow, violet and navy blue colour.

finally great start 3d models

3d mini plants



Hey guys it took a little practise for making these cute miniatures..hope you all like them.please let me know your comments  will  encourage me.   

snail and spider

Here are some more samples of mt quilling creatures .hope you like them..

bees,bettle bugs and ants

cute little dragonfly

quilled butterfly

I was so happy with my last few quilling attempts that I decided to make some creatures .
One day I saw a beautiful butterfly and just gave it a shot.

3d flowers

After some basic quilling practice I thought of now giving a try for 3 dimensional quilling  so I tried making a flower. After making this I found 3d quilling a bit easy

first quilling attempt

I came across this beautiful art of quilling few months back and i found it is my first attempt for it.Some of my basic quilling samples.hope you  like it.

Hey guys , here are some simple flowers made using basic quilling .